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Pleased to meet you, we are The Hotel Lobby. Your personal music concierge.


When you're organising an event, you want a soundtrack that is tailor made to create the perfect vibe, right? You certainly don't want to be constantly worrying about what track is up next, and would rather be looking after your guests and enjoying the party. When you book The Hotel Lobby, you get a bespoke music service, from the initial consultation, all the way up to the last track of the night. We're more than just DJs, we're your very own personal music concierge! So drop off your bags, grab a drink and leave the rest to us, we've got this.

The Hotel Lobby have collectively spent over 30 years immersed in the music scene. Running club nights & record labels, and not to mention rocking parties, festivals, and the odd wedding or two, all over the world. If you have an event, no matter how big or small, hit us up and lets turn it from a good night, into an unforgettable one.




A few reassuring words from some of the great people we've been lucky enough to work with...


"The Hotel Lobby have transformed our festival experience with their playlists to cheer up any situation - even the weather! Through torrential rain and storms, the boys bring in crowds to rival the main stage with their amazing sets. As DJs, their music knowledge and collection spans old and new with unexpected mixes and combinations that shouldn’t work but absolutely do, much to the joy and surprise of the crowds. They never miss a beat and are without a doubt an essential addition to bring classic but unique party vibes to any situation – indoor or out!"

Catharine Roach

Senior account manager for a leading london pr agency


"A major thing I’ve learned in my 15 years of running venues is the difference a good DJ can make to a bar. The right tune at the right time can change people’s minds from ‘let’s move to the next place’ to ‘let’s order another round’ in an instant.

The Hotel Lobby have mastered this art. They play to the crowd. On each and every occasion I’ve booked them I’ve been amazed at their ability to read the room and play the exact song my guests are looking for. They have the exceptional ability to have a profound, positive effect on every single person in the venue’s night-out, without them even realising."




"The Hotel Lobby are an absolute necessity for our festival experience. With their encyclopaedic selection of grooves, we always have the perfect atmosphere and mood with a great crowd enjoying their surrounds – especially long & late into the night when our now famous Kitchen Disco is in full swing."

DavID Beatty

UK Brand Ambassador, Ketel One Vodka




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